To Provide a 1.3ha Reserve for the St Clair War Memorial Park, Woodville Road.

A land division application in January 2019 has created the allotment for the development of the future Aveo aged care and retirement facility. It also provided for 0.939ha of land to be vested in Charles Sturt Council as Reserve.

When transfer to Council is complete the land vested as Reserve will be open space  subject to a Community Land Management Plan for the St Clair War Memorial  Park and Garden of Remembrance.

A history of the use Cheltenham Park for military training

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Torrens Road Catchment

Stormwater Management Plan (SMP)

City of Charles Sturt & City of Port Adelaide Enfield

The City of Charles Sturt released a Consultant’s SMP Report dated July 2013 for public consideration and community submissions.
CPRA submitted its response dated 20 January 2014. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.......

Stormwater Consequences

Street Flooding During Minor Rain Events
Mature Trees dying from lowered and contaminated ground water
Commercial Premises Flooded
Mature trees respond to water stress by losing branches