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Continue our efforts to create a history of the use of Cheltenham Park for military training

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The Cheltenham Park Wish List for year 2019

The  Kaurna Trail  that recognises
our Letters Patent obligation 
and commemorates  the  enjoyment of
the  Land by the Kaurna  people.

To  provide 1.3ha of Reserve for the St Clair War Memorial Park, Woodville Road, Woodville.

That includes a public park and a Garden of Remembrance.
Provide flood mitigation works to protect  properties in the Lower Torrens Road Drain Catchment that also benefits the recovery of the marine environment of Gulf St Vincent.

Include harvesting wetlands, parks, gardens and  recreation  areas and to  conserve water in the natural water table.

Incorporate facilities to benefit the  Community of the Western suburbs and provide sustainable community living.